Original and OOAK ball-jointed dolls (BJD's)

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April comes to life!

April is my second ooak paper clay and cloth doll. Sasha was my first and was on a jointed cloth body giving her some poseabliity  but not as much as I wanted to have in my girls.   My dolls have always been born out of my ideas of what I want to see in a doll, making them a… Read more →


Sasha OOAK Paperclay and cloth body doll

Sasha is a project I have been wanting to bring to life for some time and finally was able to get to. She is a special little soul standing 47cm or 18.5 inches tall with a paper clay head, chest plate, hands and lower legs. Her body is jointed cloth- "doe skin" Her clothes are not removable with the exception of… Read more →


NEW DOLL ~ Lacey MSD sculpt work in progress (WIP)

Hi Everyone! With finally making the move from Canada to the United States it’s been a bit since I was able to work on Lacey or update her progress. Good news it she is off the shelf, back in my hands and coming along great! Here is a link to her WIP page if you would like to see her… Read more →

Peanuts, Popcorn, and Lily

Popcorn, Peanuts and Lily – ADOPTED

Well after a long move, we kicked it off right with a grand trip to the County Fair! Lily was first in line for festive face painting by the talented Cecile of Heliantas. Full of giggles and a bit of cotton candy she was off again dragging me along straight toward an extremely tall clown with the most colorful bunch… Read more →

Studio News update

The studio has been buzzing with activity these days, working to get everything finished up. Full set Cassie’s are getting all packed up now for their journey home and will be all off in the next couple of days. Any special order dolls or custom outfits will be sent in the next 2 weeks. If anyone wanted a Cassie full… Read more →

OOAK clown1

Studio News

Things have been pretty busy these days in the studio. I have finished shipping all the preorder Lily’s off to her new homes. If anyone missed getting Lily and you still wants to bring her home, there are just a few still available still at Denver Doll Emporium here http://www.denverdoll.com/creamsoda.php  Denver Doll Emporium will soon have limited edition outfits for Lily… Read more →

Lily has arrived!

Lily arrived from the factory yesterday. All of her cute fingers and toes are accounted for. I finished painting and decorating doll boxes for her today. Blank dolls will be shipped Monday. Watch for shipping invoices. All the heads for face-up dolls will be shipped to AngelToast on Monday as well and I will be starting the body blushing and panty… Read more →